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Melbourne’s only Safe and Secure cheque cashing service that offers a mobile service that comes to you and turns cheques into cash instantly anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In 2011 was established as Australia’s first mobile cheque cashing service that processes cheques and delivers cash to our clients at anytime, day or night, anywhere throughout Melbourne. We never close!

We accept a wide variety of cheques including Tax, Superannuation, TAB, Insurance, Government, Solicitors, Trust Funds, Accountants, Gaming/Pokies, Bank Cheques and some business and wage cheques upon verification.

Our fleet of unmarked delivery vehicles are custom fitted with Security Barriers, GPS trackers, Cameras and Alarms and are manned by Licensed Security Guards to ensure that every transaction is conducted in a Safe and Secure manner. Over 93% of our transactions are completed in under 40 mins from the time of verification. Call us now on 1300 227 424 if you have any questions.


Payout Calculator

* We will pay to the nearest $5 denomination. If your suburb or area does not display, call us for a quote 1300 227 424